Inspire Drink 2016
SIAL Paris

Inspire Drink: beverages take the limelight

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Beverages are an important part of the food industry. That is why, this year, SIAL Paris created a special event: Inspire Drink.

Beverages in the limelight

For the first time ever, SIAL Paris put the beverage industry into the spotlight with Inspire Drink. Cocktails, Mocktails, Tea and Coffee have been at the heart of this brand new event!  The program included demonstrations, tastings and special activities throughout the 5 days of the SIAL Paris 2016 exhibition. 

Barmen competition - 2016

Inspire Drink, New in SIAL Paris 2016

Concocted in collaboration with Victor Delpierre, 2013 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, Inspire Drink's program consisted of various events around drinks to discover a world full of surprises and innovation with bartenders and chefs!
Barista activities allowed to discover the art of Latte Art, Slow Coffee, Coffee mocktails and various international versions of the famous Irish Coffee and Mojito!