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Inspire Drink in a nutshell

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Inspire Drink: Dive into the world of mixology and the new event at SIAL Paris 2016 for the beverages sector! Devised in collaboration with Victor Delpierre, 2013 World Barista and Cocktail Champion, has been THE new must for this edition. Demonstrations and tastings with cocktails and mocktails, Latte Art and Battle of the Barmen competitions... An exciting new experience with total immersion in the astonishing sector of drinks, teas and coffees... Find your inspiration!   

Find the inspiration with Inspire Drink!

Inspire Drink Happy Hour!

During the exhibition, Inspire Drink proposed to visitors tastings, bottle juggling (flair bartending), battling barmen, with music from our resident DJ!

New in 2016: The 3*Cocktails Competition

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Sunday 16th October 2016 SIAL Paris hosted the 3* COCKTAILS COMPETITION co-organised by Victor Delpierre. Open to professionals and students, the best barmen and mixologists have competed against each other. 

About Victor Delpierre


Winner of many competitions including French Champion "Dining Room Service” Best Mojito Paris 2011 and World Champion of “Coffee in Good Spirits”. After showing off his talents in the All Day Dining restaurant at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, he created Victor Delpierre Consulting