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SIAL Innovation Awards Winners

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The SIAL Innovation prizes are awarded to those who help shape what we eat both today and tomorrow.

Find below the 2016 winners.

The SIAL Innovation winners for SIAL Paris 2018 edition will be announced in September. The announcement will be followed by the reveal of the 3 top winners during the SIAL Innovation awards ceremony during the show.

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Award of non- alcoholic drinks

Pur Just

Pur just
  • Exhibitor: DAREGAL SA
  • Brand: DARÉGAL & ULTI
  • Description: Cold-pressed pure ULTI fruit juice with DAREGAL herbs. Stabilized by high pressure. No preservative.
  • Selected for the co-branding between a brand of cold pressed juice and a brand of herbs and spices.
  • Variety: Apple & parsley, apple, pineapple & tarragon; grapefruit, peach & citronella, lemon, strawberry &mint, lemon & basilic
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 10/2016

Award of alcoholic drinks

Mama Carrot

  • Exhibitor: AURELI MARIO
  • Description: Carrot liqueur source of beta carotene. Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants. 20% alcohol by volume.
  • Selected for the originality of the carrot-based liqueur recipe
  • Variety: Carrot
  • Country: Italy
  • Launch date: 11/2016

Award of dairy products

Lait demi-écrémé UHT

  • Exhibitor: SAS Lait6
    Lait demi-écrémé UHT
  • Description: Milk source of Omega 3 in a 100% recyclable flexible pouch. Requires little water for the manufacture of packaging. Milk sold without intermediate. Cows fed without palm oil.
  • Selected for the convenient eco-design packaging
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 09/2016

Award of savoury grocery

Les moulins à champignons

  • Exhibitor: SABAROT
  • Brand: SABAROT
  • Description: Mix of dried selected mushrooms in a mill. Handpicked mushrooms.
  • Selected for the convenient offer of selected mushrooms in a mill.
  • Variety: Porcini, morels, and mixed forest mushrooms
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 03/2016

Award of sweet grocery

Quinoa with fruit

  • Brand: VIRÚ
  • Description: A dessert of quinoa with fruit served in individual portions with a spoon in the lid
  • Selected for the originality of its quinoa based recipe
  • Quinoa with fruit
    Variety: mango, blueberry, passion fruit, coconut, papaya, pineapple
  • Country: Peru
  • Launch date: 03/2016

Award of delicatessen products

Petit Polenta et Petit Quinoa à trancher

  • Exhibitor: SABAROT
  • Brand: SABAROT
  • Description: Sausage shaped cereal to slice and pan-fry in a few minutes. Gluten free.
  • Selected for the convenient sausage-shaped packaging
  • Polenta and slaced  Quinoa
    Variety: polenta, quinoa
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 01/2016

Award of fruits & vegetables

Folions agrumes

  • Exhibitor: CD FRUITS
  • Description: Dehydrated exotic citrus sheets. Fine, flexible sheets, made with natural ingredients. Ideal for maki, samosas, pastries, cocktails ... No gluten or lactose. No color or preservative. No gelling agent, texturizing agent or allergen.
  • Selected for the use of original fruits without their juiciness.
  • Folions agrumes
    Variety: Kumquat, Kalamansi, Yuzu
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 07/2015

Award of Seafood Products

Organic Seaweeds

  • Exhibitor: LE BONTA'
  • Description: Organic seaweed rich in protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Easy to use in cooking.
  • Selected for the numerous varieties of seaweeds.
    Variety : Sushi nori seaweed, organic nori flakes, wakame seaweed, dulse flakes, sea lettuce flakes, sea spaghetti
  • Country: Italy
  • Launch date: 09/2016

Award of frozen products

Gelato Filled Fruit

Gelato Filled Fruit
  • Exhibitor: DIVINO USA INC.
  • Brand: DIVINO 
  • Description: Original gelato filled fruit in a packaging to go with spoon included. No GMO. Made in Italy.
  • Selected for innovation in the choice of fruit.
  • Variety: Kiwi, peach, plum, lemon, orange
  • Country: USA
  • Launch date: 01/2015

Award of meat products

La Cave à Viande (The Meat Cellar)

The Meat Cellar
  • Exhibitor: PUIGRENIER
  • Brand: PUIGRENIER.
  • Description: Meat matured for a minimum of 21 days in a cold room, using an ancestral butcher process. Tender and tasty French meat. Products from cattles selected in partnership with breeders who use traditional cattle-rearing techniques. In a wooden box with cooking instructions. Guaranteed quality vacuum packaging.
  • Selected for the high-end approach in terms of quality and origin of meat and the original packaging.
  • Variety: Charolais- rib of beef, T-bone steak, faux-filet steack on the bone, filet steak on the bone, marbled steak, spider steak, entrecote, faux-fliet steak, filet steak, butcher's cut, plancha steak
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 01/2016

Award of health & naturality

Steaks et boulettes de légumineuses

  • Exhibitor: ICI & LA - LE BOUCHER VERT
  • Description: Organic meat substitute with pulses, rich in nutrients. Source of protein. Rich in fiber. 100% vegetarian. Cook in a pan or in the oven.
  • Variety: Green lentil steaks, chickpea steaks, flageolet bean steaks, green lentil balls, chickpea balls, flageolet bean balls.
  • Selected for the health and fun factors of pulses.
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 11/2015

Award foodservice

Fumet de champignons

  • Exhibitor: BORDE
  • Brand: BORDE
  • Description: Re-sealable mushroom fumet sachets. Recipe created with Michelin-starred chef Philippe Brun. For food praparation and for catering
  • Selected for the use of chanterelle mushrooms in sauce preparations
  • Variety: Chanterelle fumet, morel fumet, porcini fumet
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 10/2016

Award of distribution

Les moulins à champignons

  • Exhibitor: SABAROT
  • Brand: SABAROT
  • Description: Mix of dried selected mushrooms in a mill. Handpicked mushrooms.
  • Selected for the convenient offer of selected mushrooms in a mill.
  • Variety: Porcini, morels, and mixed forest mushrooms
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 03/2016

Grand Prix equipment & technologies

Mélangeur FLASHMIX

  • Exhibitor: SILVERSON 
    Mélangeur FLASHMIX
  • Brand: SILVERSON 
  • Description: Powder/liquid rotor mixer
  • Selected for its capacity to incorporate powders, which creates new cooking possibilities
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 06/2015

Award of intermediate food & ingrédient


  • Exhibitor: HPE INGREDIENTS
  • Description:Extracted from snails, this product has an inhibitory effect on the angiotensin converting enzyme, and so helps reduce arterial hypertension. 
  • Selected for the use of an innovative primary material and its effect on arterial hypertension
  • Country: France
  • Launch date: 01/2016

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