World Tour winners

The World Tour winners 2016

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Discover the products which received awards from 28 international journalists on the World Tour panel.

World Tour: a must-see event at SIAL Paris from 16 to 20 October 2016!

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Trends in consumption and retail: the World Tour is a must-see event at SIAL from 16 to 20 October 2016 in Paris-Nord Villepinte.
In partnership with 28 professional magazines from all around the world, World Tour takes a look at what is happening in the food trade in 28 countries.
Today, we reveal the 28 country winners of the World Tour 2016, reflecting the trends which are shaping the food trade market.

What is the World Tour? : A window to the world of the food trade

28 journalists from all around the world, co-ordinated by teams from SIAL, share their views and analyses of the markets in 28 global countries!
Their aim: to reveal and explain the major retail and consumption trends which are shaping the different world markets and vote for the most representative products of these trends per country. This year three main trends have been identified: Health, Smart shopping and convenience, Channel blurring and changing consumption.

From Australia to Canada, from Brazil to Russia, the United States, India and even South Korea...World Tour is a window to the world of retail and consumption trends at a global level!

The participating trade journalists and magazines

  • Denise Otero (Actualidad En Supermercados, Argentina)
  • Lorna Gloria (Retail World Magazine, Australia)
  • Stefan Pirker (Cash, Austria)
  • Christophe Sancy (Gondola, Belgium)
  • Marlucy Lukianocenko (Superhiper, Brazil)
  • George Condon (Canadian Grocer, Canada)
  • Yang Shu (China Food Newspaper, China)
  • Petr Hribal (Zbozi&Prodej, Czech Republic)
  • Florence Bray (LSA, France)
  • Linda Schuppan (Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhande, Germany)
  • Zsuzsanna Hermann (Trade Magazin, Hungary)
  • Rajneesh Sharma (Food & Beverage, India)
  • Stefen Wynne-Jones (Checkout, Ireland)
  • Arik Yanai (Kupa Roshemet, Israel)
  • Leonardo Rastelli (Largo Consumo, Italy)
  • Koichiro Takeshita (Shokuhin Shogyo, Japan)
  • Tys Hallema (Food Magazine, Netherlands)
  • Tania Walters-Mitchel (Supermarket News, New Zealand)
  • Reidar Molthe (Dagligvarehandelen, Norway)
  • Barbara Mikusinska-Ozdobinska (Handel, Poland)
  • Filipe Gil (Distribuicão Hoje, Portugal)
  • Inga Lobzhanidze (Moye Delo Magazin, Russia)
  • Maryke Foulds (Food Review, South Africa)
  • Seon-Hui Gim (The Buyer, South Korea)
  • Jaime De Haro Requena (Distribución Actualidad, Spain)
  • Ayse Dincer (Dunya Gida, Turkey)
  • Daniel Selwood (The Grocer, United Kingdom)
  • Lindsey Wojcik (Grocery Headquarters, United States of America)

Focus on the three main trends


Consumers are inclined to become more health conscious, consumption habits are changing and healthy store foods are in expansion.
With growing childhood obesity, and increased concerns about public health, fresh and healthy products are what the supermarket and hypermarket chains are aiming to offer. At the same time the consumption of local produce and the awareness of the social responsibility of producers and of food waste is growing.
Consumers pays more attention to what they eat, they are seeking for natural alternative options organic, with less sugar, low fat, no preservative, gluten free…
Chia-seeds, aronia, quinoa, açai-berry, goji, matcha-tea... the so called superfoods are becoming more and more popular along the daily nutrition. Conventional products are integrating this trend into their ingredients.
Dietary need become a real issue and proteins products are also emerging in grocery stores, for consumers seeking for functional benefits to aid in their active lifestyles.

Product country winners reflecting this trend

  • AUSTRALIA: BODIE’z Protein Water – Health
  • AUSTRIA: NÖM Fasten Protein Drink – Superfood
  • BRAZIL: Tirolez Zero Lactose – Natural Fresh & Health
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: Crawnchies – Health & Healthy Lifestyles
  • GERMANY: Skyr – Superfood & Health
  • IRELAND: HIRO by Roisin – Demand for healthier options
  • ISRAEL: Schnitzel Series – Customers don’t want unhealthy food
  • NETHERLANDS: Kwekkeboom Oven – Health
  • NORWAY: Salmaraw – Health
  • POLAND: Bakoma Men – Protein Sources
  • PORTUGAL: Oliveirinha – Healthy Food
  • RUSSIA: Yelli Brand – Natural Food
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Earth’s Essence – Natural & Preservative free products
  • SPAIN: DIA BALANCE - Healthy food
  • TURKEY: Grape Seed Pasta – Innovative healthy food
  • UK: Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter – Next Gen Coconut


Consumers remain preoccupied with convenient products. Anything to save time and effort is likely to become popular, and it will remain so if it is a healthy product tastes good and is priced right.
Convenient stores and other small scale specialty stores are still expanding. And a wide range of products that mix quality, ease and speed preparing, satisfying different kind of opportunities of consumption and solving specific consumers' needs, are emerging.

Product country winners reflecting this trend

  • CANADA: NuPasta – Convenience
  • CHINA: Browning Flavored fermented milk – Boom of convenient stores
  • INDIA: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk – Bubbly
  • ITALY: Flan di verdure magie della natura – Service content
  • JAPAN: Smile ball – Importance of functionality
  • USA: Rockit Apple – Smartshopping


Consumption habits are changing, particularly with the new generations growing up. Millennials snack more, they eat on the go and visit restaurant more often than older generations.
Food retail and food service are no longer distinct universes. Some new store concepts do include on-site consumption facilities.
Finally, retail buyers and category managers are keeping a closer watch on hippest restaurant & foodies trends. It doesn’t take long before you find similar products on the shelf.
It also happens to see leading FMCG companies teaming up to create new products and flavors.

On the other hand, initiatives are launched against food waste in several countries. Some of the largest global retailers have agreed to commit in order to reduce by 50% their food waste by 2025.

Product country winners reflecting this trend

  • ARGENTINA: Terma Limonada – Promoting the market Zones
  • BELGIUM: Butcher’s Burger – Channel Blurring
  • NEW ZEALAND: Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk – Cross Pollination
  • HUNGARY: Snacki & Go! – Changing consumption
  • FRANCE: Ugly Cereals that are just as good and cheaper! – Combating Food Waste
  • SOUTH KOREA: Honey butter chip – Promoting the market zone

Discover these trends and products during SIAL Paris from 16th to 20th October 2016!
The worldwide winner will be revealed on Tuesday 18th October 2016.