World Tour in a nutshell

World Tour in a nutshell

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Some 28 markets, 28 analyses: what drives consumption? What types of initiatives have been recently launched by chain stores? World Tour produces a previously unseen map of the agri-food market in 28 countries spread all over the world.

What is the World Tour? 

Image World Tour in a nutshell

A unique concept in the world. In 2016, SIAL Paris display the World Tour: a window on the world of food commerce. Some 28 partner magazines and newspapers from all over the world mapped the agri-food market in their respective countries.

World Tour analyses the consumer trends in the world’s 28 major markets on the 5 continents: consumer trends, which drive consumption in the various markets, and retail trends, resulting from recent chain store initiatives.

From Australia to Canada, from Brazil to Russia, and in the USA and China … World Tour is a window on retail and consumer trends on a worldwide scale!

Make the rounds of the world of the food trade

World Tour provides this overview in a 500 sqm exhibition area with in-store photographs and provides an overall perspective to help visitors gain a better understanding of these discoveries.

Discover the trends interpreted at SIAL Paris 2016