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Made in France, Made with Love

Published on by Célia Le Pesquer - updated on - Interviews

Take the FRANCE path at SIAL Paris, from 16 - 20 October 2016. 776 companies are taking part.

"France is a country proud of its important agricultural sector and agrifood businesses, which give French culinary heritage a daily purpose. In 2015, France’s agricultural and agrifood trade surplus (excluding tobacco) reached €10.8 billion – an increase of €0.4 billion on the previous year –, of which €8.1 billion came from agrifood alone, excluding unprocessed agricultural products. It is France’s third-largest trade surplus, behind aerospace and cosmetic industry products. This makes France one of the leading exporters of products from the agrifood industry, ranked fourth in the world in 2015. France obviously has a strong presence among its European neighbours, and also on every continent – notably in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore –, where its exports are on the rise.

While drinks, dairy and cereals are the sectors currently driving exports, France is not just the country of bread, wine and cheese. It combines terroir, culinary tradition and innovation of every kind, ensuring its expertise benefits every food product it creates.

I am delighted to introduce you to the rich diversity of French produce showcased here at SIAL Paris, the world’s largest trade fair specialising in food. Like last year, some 800 French companies will be easily identifiable by their blue, white and red “Made in France, Made with Love” branding." - Stéphane Le Foll -

Editorial by Stéphane Le Foll for the French exhibitors’ catalogue at SIAL 2016.

2016 French exhibitors :

Frozen products and ice cream and frozen desserts

Fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and horticulture

Gourmet products

Grocery products and multi-products

IN-FOOD/Semi-processed food products & ingredients and subcontracting solutions

Organic products